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A Winter Tale

A Frances-Anne Solomon Film
Telefilm Canada / City TV | 2008 | 103 minutes | Imdb | Website

Written by FAS & Michele Lonsdale Smith | Produced by FAS & Susan Fueg
With Peter Williams, Leonie Forbes, Mike Miller, Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall
Cinematography Kim Derko | Editor Michelle Francis | Music by John Welsman

Trinidad's Dennis Sprangalang Hall

In Frances-Anne Solomon’s elegaic A Winter Tale, six Black men, all patrons at Miss G’s Caribbean TakeAway Restaurant, form an ill-fated support group in an attempt to salvage their broken spirits and beseiged community, following the local shooting death of a young child.

A Winter Tale is set against the backdrop of a multicultural community’s broken hopes and unrealized dreams, and tells a uniquely Canadian story that features Toronto as a central character.

The film features a talented ensemble cast led by Canadian stars Peter Williams and Michael Miller with Caribbean icons Leonie Forbes and Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall, who developed the script through a 3-year collaborative process of research and improvisation in the community.